Italian Gelato

Daily handmade product using only natural ingredients, the finest raw material

and, being a legacy matter, applying traditional Italian techniques.

Our Gelato Melts!

It is a natural phenomenon, but thanks to the correct balance of its ingredients,

the melting time will never be too fast, giving the palate a creamy sensation.

Bilmonte guarantees the careful selection of each ingredients from a controlled supply chain,

with no using chemical agents and transforming each one just through physical processes.

Italian Gelato TASTES

Environmental Sustainability FOR FREE

Bilmonte prefers the INDIRECT production method because it rationalizes lead times and guarantees

an optimal result in terms of taste, with real energy saving and becoming ECO friendly.

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At the Soho shop, we'll be happy to tell you the peculiar story of each single ingredient,

Whipped Cream included!